Obtain Egyptian Passport in months

4 pathways to obtain Second passport according to Egyptian investment law. Egypt is a $1.3 trillion dollar economy, with access key global markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent are all readily accessible from Egypt on key international logistics routes.

Why Choose Egypt?

The growing market in Egypt is open for investors

Egypt program


Strategic location 

Connecting between the world, with Suez canal 8% share of world trade,beaches and gateway to Africa, Egypt is considered a hub for business and one of the oldest civilizations in history


Largest Arabic market with 104.000.000 Population

With a Majority of youthful Population - English is used in business , multi cultural environment, Egypt is home to the largest population and market in the Middle East, this implies a steady – if not growing – need for residential and commercial property great demand . The property prices are low compared to Europe, added advantage for investors .


Law business establishment and operation coast

Low cost of living - cheep cost of business establishment and maintainance 



Cairo is a sleepless city with 17M population - Great culture and touristic destination - warm welcoming people - excellent weather and plenty of places to visit.

Variant Investment options to Egyptian passport

Egypt offers four pathways to obtain Egyptian Citizenship by Investment installments option up to 12 months

Citizenship Pathway Investment amount RequiredConditions
Donation Option$250.000To the state treasury -Non Refundable.
Business Option$350.000Establish or participate in a business with 40% share at least.
Real estate Option$300.000Buy a property in Egypt
Bank deposit Option$500.000Must be kept for 3 years - No Interest applies.

Note: Depositing an amount of $100,000 as non refundable direct revenue in foreign currency that goes to the state treasury has been introduced in (Mars2023) for the Business pathway

Facts about Egypt



• Population: 100m (2019)
• Ethnic: Muslim 90% (Sunni)
 Christianity 10%
• Age range:
0-14 years: 33.38% 
15-24 years: 18.65% 
25-54 years: 37.71%



• GDP growth rate 5.60%   
• GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Total $1.391 trillion (19th)
• Per capita $14,023


Demographics & FActs

• Language : Arabic 
 • Area: 1,010,408 km2
• Water (%): 0.632
• Capital & largest city: Cairo


Egypt location map

Egypt enjoys excellent location 1-2 hours travel from Europe, Africa and Asia , youthful country with a historical background of the great Egyptian civilization, excellent weather and a lot to see and enjoy.
A lot of luxury compounds ,Gated communities, International schools, Private & public universities ,Malls with reach to top brands, Nightlife, luxurious beaches and sea life.
Egyptian Citizenship by investment program is an option you must consider when thinking about second citizenship by investment

Abdelrahman A.wahab

Managing partner

Investment Sectors in Egypt 

Egypt possess alot of promising sectors to 

  1. Tourism business  - As an international tourist destination, Egypt embraces a huge number of tourists every year due to varies in touristic products(about 8.3 million tourists visited Egypt in 2017). Historical, religious, beaches, deserts, medical and cultural tourism are few samples for this attraction
  2. Transportation  - with a space of 1M Kilo, tens of beaches, Airports, Suez canal, Nile transportation and cargo, Egypt enjoys the existence of the Suez Canal, which is considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west due to its unique geographic location. Approximately 8% of the world’s maritime shipping passes through the Suez Canal each year.
  3. Trade -  Import and export business is a promising sector . This also applies to all related industries Egypt controls pathway from asia to africa through Sinai , Shipping Trade way between Europe, USA ,China, Africa, Asia , overseas: Red sea - mediterranean and Nile river, Geographic location is a business advantage to reach Africa, Europe and Asia.
  4. Minerals  - Egypt possess a huge reserves of todays main pillars of modern industry, The mineral commodities produced in Egypt included aluminum, barite, basalt, bentonite, coal, coke, dolomite, feldspar, ferroalloys, fluorspar, gold, granite, gypsum, ilmenite, iron and steel, iron ore, kaolin, limestone, manganese, marble, phosphate rock, quartz, salt, sand and gravel, sandstone, secondary copper.
  5. Cinema & Music  - known as 'Hollywood of the Middle East" Egyptian Cinema have dominated the middle east for ages , backed by big production & Festivals setting Egypt up as the pioneer of cinema.
  6. Solar power - Being a warm african country with 350 days/year of sunny atmosphere and hundreds of kilometers of deserts, Egypt solar business potentials are growing day by day.
  7. Properties & Construction - One of the fastest growing sector in Egypt is properties and construction with growing amount of communities and new cities built every year, The property prices are low compared to Europe, added advantage for investors .
  8. Food & Agriculture - Egypt has a vast area backed by the Nile that has been used all over the years to generate quality fruits , vegetables and meat for internal and external consuming demand

Steps To Egyptian Citizenship

Easy steps for a successful application to grant an Egyptian passport 


Choose investment pathway

You can choose from donation, Bank deposit, Properties , business establishment or joining current Business as your Citizenship option


Investment Project Planning

If you choose the business option you need to study the Egyptian market & current businesses / properties and projects


Prepare Documents

Collect all the documents required based on the pathway selected (Bank papers - passports-proof of payments - contracts... etc)


Application process

In this step you will perform the investment  required: Deposit - Establish/join a Business - Buy property along with immigration unit application


Temp residency 

Foreigners can apply for a six-month residency permit until all the requirements are met.


Granting Egyptian Passport 

Egyptian Passport after due diligence takes around 6 months including your family 

Further Conditions

The Egyptian law confirmed the applicant must also fulfill these conditions

  • Clear Criminal record - The applicant must have clear criminal record and must not be required by International police in any case.
  • Mental and physically fit - Egyptian Citizenship by investment  confirms that the applicant must be physically fit with good mental condition.
  • Investment money from outside the country - Money must be wired from abroad in order to grant citizenship for the applicant

Our Business services

We are keen to help investors who seek to start or join business in Egypt to find their way in the Egyptian market and explore potentials 

Business establishment

We offer smooth pathway to start or join business in Egypt , according to investment authorities.


We offer business consultation, feasibility studies, business opportunities in Egypt.

Tax support

We help you apply for tax card and annual business accounting and taxation.

Inspection trips

We arrange inspection trips for ready investors in Egypt, help you better understand the atmosphere. 


For Application & free consultation Please send us your contact details


Given that the investment is done, the donation and bank deposit options takes 3 months to issue passport for investor , in properties and business options it can take up to 6 months to issue the passport.

In this case you have to deposit $250.000 in The state treasury Egyptian bank in order to keep your passport it and this amount is non refundable 

Though the main reason to apply for Egyptian passport would be te applicant interest in Living or Business in Egypt, yet Egyptian passport allows you to travel freely to 49 Countries including:
* Iran
* Lebanon
* Malaysia 
* Dominica
* Georgia
* Hong Kong
* South Korea
* Sri Lanka

* Maldives
* Tajikistan

Main applicant for Egyptian citizenship by investment can include his spouse and dependent children in the same application.

Under the new rules, The Egyptian citizenship will be withdrawn from individuals found guilty of participating in illegal activities, such as terrorist act, fraud or other criminal activities.

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